Did you know that Dr. Roberson has been taking Ballet for over 10 years? Fitness is essential for optimal wellness, but it must be fun and it must be safe and effective for your specific needs.

While there are many different forms of physical exercise, we want to make sure our patients are doing something every day to move and reap the health benefits of physical fitness. Our favorite kinds of fitness are gentle yet effective resistance training options, such as Pilates or the specialized Fit2B online workouts. See below for our recommendations.


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Fit2B Online Workouts

*This website emphasizes workouts to benefit those with diastasis recti, but is also especially good for those with musculo-skeletal injuries, back pain, core abdominal muscle issues, pelvic floor muscle issues, restrictive ability to move from age-related illness or injury, and excessive weight.
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How To Check For Diastasis Recti