Dr. Roberson

Dr. Andrea Roberson, Family Practice PhysicianDr. Andrea Roberson graduated from Western University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  In 1984, she began her practice as the director of an eating disorder unit, then moved on to open her own family practice in San Clemente, CA.  Since then, her practice has moved to Aliso Viejo and finally now to Mission Viejo.  In 1984, Dr. Roberson, with the small handful of other D.O.’s in the Orange County area, started the Orange County Osteopathic Association.  Dr. Roberson served as President for six years, then served on the Board of Directors for the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California from 1987-1993.  Dr. Roberson is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Western University of Health Sciences.

People often ask what being an Osteopathic Physician, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) means. D.O.’s go to medical school just as M.D.’s do, but have twenty extra hours per month for the first two years if medical school to study osteopathic concepts. These concepts include the manipulative aspects of physical medical treatment, as well as the concept of a physician treating the whole person inclusive of their family situation, health situation, emotional situation, etc.

Traditionally, Osteopathic Medicine emphasizes family practice, where health is the embodiment of the whole person; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Dr. Roberson not only embraces traditional medical methods and the most up to date conventional medical practice, but also alternative practices including Nutritional Therapy, which our office currently offers.  Patients are viewed as individuals with individual needs, which may transcend beyond just one modality of practice.  Dr. Roberson enjoys working with patients in order to reach the most successful outcomes.IMG_2222

Dr. Roberson is especially fond of the family practice model of care, which includes watching patients grow from infant care to geriatric care.  Patients often comment on how personal she is as a healthcare practitioner, and that their entire family has been part of her practice since the beginning.

“There is consistency in care when you are seeing the whole family and can get a bigger picture of a person’s health. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a family practice doctor, enabling me to treat the whole family. I am now seeing adults with their babies who were my patients when they were children. These personal relationships give my work a deeper meaning which, I believe, leads to better care.  This truly helps me feel that I am fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.” -Dr. Roberson.

“When I’m in the office, patients are always telling me that they’ve seen me grow up since I was an infant, and I should know that my mother is the best doctor they’ve ever had.  Often their entire family has been seeing my mom for many years, and I frequently hear stories about how my mom’s knowledge of a patient’s life and health helped diagnose a very difficult case.” -Rozlyn Roberson Mignogna, Dr. Roberson’s daughter and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.IMG_2263

Dr. Roberson supports the family’s role in educated decision-making in health care, especially for controversial health decisions. Provided the family has received proper information and care from the doctor, we respect a family’s right to make decisions for themselves, their children, and other family members, as long as the doctor believes proper and responsible care is being given to the patient.

Dr. Roberson has resided in Capistrano Beach for over thirty years with her husband, Gene, and many pets! She has a son, Russell, and a daughter, Rozlyn, who is married to Brendan Mignogna.  Rozlyn and Brendan have three adorable daughters: Eden, Charlotte and Rivka.